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Thief in JB climbs from 14th floor to 18th floor to rob the Residents of the Condominium

Social NewsThief in JB climbs from 14th floor to 18th floor to rob...

A thief in Johor Bahru was caught by the authorities after he allegedly climbed the balconies at a condominium in Tampoi while attempting to rob a resident there.

The incident was recorded by a netizen while the man climbs from the balcony of a resident on the 14th floor to the balcony of the resident on the 18th floor, just like ‘Spider-Man’. The residents of the opposite condominium can be heard screaming out loud too.

According the the Facebook page who posted about this incident, they said that the incident happened at about 4 p.m. yesterday (7 July). They said that the man had descended back to 14th floor after he failed to intrude the resident.


One of the resident there claimed that the man had attempted to intrude his house and threatened to injure him and his child with a gun if they do not open the sliding door for him.

“Coincidentally, the sliding door of my house was damaged. My son and I tried to close it from the inside while the thief tried to open it and threatened us with a gun,”

“How could we have expected that a thief could climb to this floor, balcony to balcony at the condominium here.” he said.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

He mentioned that his family was traumatized by the incident and they are not paranoid after facing this terrifying incident. They had to stop the sliding door from being opened to avoid the thief from intruding.

In the comment section, the netizen shared that the residences managed to contact the fire brigade and police to get them to arrest the thief. He was then being sent to the nearby police.

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