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Selangor Health Department refuted claims of “Empty Syringe” for Covid-19 vaccination

NewsSelangor Health Department refuted claims of "Empty Syringe" for Covid-19 vaccination

A man in Klang had recently lodge a police report regarding the “empty syringe” that he was given during the Covid-19 vaccination at Banting Hospital.

The incident took over the Internet as many feared that they were a victim of the “empty syringe” incident too. This incident definitely this shook Malaysian’s trust as he had a video recording as evidence and even lodged a police report.

On the other hand, the Selangor State Health Department has rejected the claims and said that it is quite impossible such an incident to happen.

In the statement from Selangor State Health Department, they said that the health officers the following strict SOPs during the vaccination process.

  1. Vaccinators who are involved in the vaccination process are well trained and ethical, in addition to being employed officially by the state health department.
  2. At least 2 health officers are involved in giving the vaccine jab in each station.
  3. One health officer will act as the vaccinator, while the other acts as the witness while the vaccine is given.
  4. A health officer will prepare the vaccine by using the syringe to take up the vaccine from the vial at a specific amount and will then provide it to the vaccinator. This person also makes sure that there are no empty syringes laying on the vaccinator’s trolly.
  5. Before injection, the vaccinator is responsible to take note of the type of vaccine that will be administered based on the tagging done during the patient’s registration.
  6. After the jab, the syringe will be thrown into the sharp bin.

If these SOPs had been followed, the Selangor State Health Department said that is is almost impossible for an “empty syringe” to be administered to any patients.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, the public’s concern is not about the health officers following the SOPs, but rather did this incident actually happened. If so, what’s the motive behind these people who performed the act.

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Watch the video here:

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