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Man in Klang claims to have receive an Empty Syringe without Covid-19 vaccine

Social NewsMan in Klang claims to have receive an Empty Syringe without Covid-19...

A man in Klang was disappointed after he went for the Covid-19 vaccination at Banting Hospital recently. He claimed that the officers on duty has given him the “empty” syringe when he is told that he will be given the Pfizer vaccine.

The man took it to a Facebook group to share his unfortunate experience and advise the public to be cautious when it’s their turn to be vaccinated. He even lodge a police report regarding the incident.

According to Kosmo, Kuala Langat District Police Chief, Superintendent Ahmad Ridhwan Mohd. Nor @ Salleh confirmed the police report being lodge and the investigations are still ongoing.

Source: Facebook

In the police report, the man had received his vaccination at 11.30 a.m. and he had the whole process being recorded.

As soon as the vaccination had been done, he watch the video again and found that the health officer had not press on the needle and he was given an “empty” shot.

“I looked back at the video recorded on the mobile phone and found out that the injection was empty, that is, it did not have any vaccine.” he said.

To confirm his understanding, the man went back to the health officer and enquire him while showing the video recording. However, the health officer claimed that they have given him the Covid-19 vaccine.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, he wasn’t convinced by the health officer’s statement and he went and get a second opinion from his friend, who works as a doctor.

His friend then confirmed that it was an empty syringe and the man went back to the vaccination centre to make a complaint about this. Despite the video recording, the health officers scolded him for recording the process and they offered him another injection, but with the condition that he delete the video recording.

Fearing that he will be given an “empty” syringe again, the man felt that it’s best that he file a police report and make this issue know to the public.

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