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PAS Leader says that Covid-19 is a test from God, only Allah can win the Fight

NewsPAS Leader says that Covid-19 is a test from God, only Allah...

President of the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), Abdul Hadi Awang had took it to Facebook to share his thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the current political situation in Malaysia yesterday (5 June).

In the Facebook post, he described that the Covid-19 pandemic is a test from God and only Allah can eradicate the plague anytime at its will. Nonetheless, he mentioned that no country had successfully put an end to the pandemic up to date. He emphasizes that not even the most developed and rich nations had done so.

He also described what happened to the world currently is a test for human beings for them to reflect on themselves and to improve themselves with the intellect and knowledge bestowed by Allah.

Some of them will get the reward for being patient and gratitude, while the rest will suffer as they do not believe in him.

He then continue talking about the shortcomings and weakness of the “human government” and that leaders should reflect on themselves to overcome their shortcomings.

Source: The Star

He added that only those who are ignorant of the religion will look for weakness and shortcomings of others and not providing help to others to face these challenging times.

In addition, he said that the situation around the world is worsening, with the death count from Covid-19 rising and surpass the death counts during wartime.

Nonetheless, he said that while the pandemic is worsening, there are certain countries who have been hit hard by “politicking” and are obsessed with power, completely ignoring those who here hit hard by the pandemic.

He then mentioned the aftermath of the US elections where violence sparked after the loss of Donald Trump. In addition, there was Mali, where the military had seized power from the elected government and overthrow them.

“The political pandemic in Malaysia is a bit different though. However, this virus is spreading very fast. It started with Pakatan Harapan (PH) winning the 2018 election with promises in the manifesto, most of which were lies, until they managed to achieve victory and set up a government that brought a liberal approach that did not suit the society of this country.”

“They won with the help of the social media which was funded to spread lies and fake news. They then set up a government which was not only liberal but also dared to challenge the position of Islam and the Royalty. The LGBT community also started making demands freely and there are groups in the PH government who supported it.” he said.

Source: Facebook

Eventually, the PH government fell in a democratic way after a group of MPs realised that they were wrong and returned to the “right path” to save the country.

He added that the political pandemic to grab power is still ongoing with certain groups trying their best and ignore the Covid-19 pandemic that have affected the lives of the people.

“After having failed in their attempt by copying the PN method of collecting statutory declarations (SD), their attempts to table no-confidence motions also failed. Up till now, they have not stopped and are continuing with their efforts.” he said.

Hadi added that the Malay rulers should not be dragged into politicking as they have more important matters to deal with, instead of entertaining those affected by the “politicking disease”.

“There are also those who don’t seem to realise that they are now in the opposition as they continue to make statements as though they are in power.”

“Both the political and Covid-19 pandemic had become a burden to the people now.” he said.

Hadi then said that everyone should be focusing on handling Covid-19 now and they should help each other regardless of race, religion and political beliefs.

“The role of a politician can wait until GE15 is held, the people shouldn’t forget and be easily deceived.” he added.

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