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Over 1,000 Factory Workers in Sabah weren’t paid Salary for 3 months

NewsOver 1,000 Factory Workers in Sabah weren't paid Salary for 3 months

A total of 1,182 factory workers at a timber company in Sipitang, Sabah are making their case known to the public and the government after they claimed to have not receive their salary payments for the past 3 months.

According the Sinar Harian, the workers of the company had raise the white flag because without an income, they are gradually running out of money to buy food and other daily necessities. One of the workers stood up and claimed that they have yet to receive their salaries since April up until June.

“We are very stressed especially financially. Although there is aid channelled like food baskets, we also need cash to buy other necessities.”

“If the salary is paid, at least we can buy or add what is needed, such as diapers and milk for our children.” he said.

Source: Sinar Harian

According to him, all workers from the company demanded an explanation from their employer and the state government in regards to the status of the salary payment.

The representative said that they have not receive any explanation and the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) was imposed in their residence. They had no other option but to raise the white flags.

“All the residents here are affected by this situation, which has forced us to raise white flags,” he added.

Meanwhile, the secretary-general of the Sabah Timber Industry Workers Association, Engrit Liaw shared that almost 2,000 people, including the families of the company’s workers have been badly affected due to the 3 months of unpaid salaries.

Source: Sinar Harian

“We have tried our best to get clarification from the state government including the chief minister and his three deputies on this problem.”

“Unfortunately, nobody have provide any explanation to the workers about the status of their salaries, causing the workers to be in a dilemma and finally, they raised their white flags.” he said.

He added that these workers were getting desperate and they are checking their bank accounts when the end of the month reaches. Sadly, they did not see the payment for their salaries.

Source: Sinar Harian

“Their salary usually comes in on the 29th of 30th day of the month and when the day comes, they are willing to stand in queues at the bank. However, they were disappointed that they had not receive any payment.”

“There was no prior notification, that was what caused the employees to be angry, so we had to send letters to various parties to get attention on this issue.” he explained.

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