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Local Actress left speechless after her son spent over RM10,000 of her savings on Video Games

Social NewsLocal Actress left speechless after her son spent over RM10,000 of her...

If you are giving your children a bank card, you may want to consider setting a limit on how much they can spend monthly.

I an interview between Harian Metro and a local actress yesterday (5 July), Zarina Zainuddin, she said that she was shocked after she found out that her 15 year-old son spent over RM10,000 of her savings to purchase online video games.

She added that she was left speechless when she found out that the RM23,000 which she saved for her son’s education had completely gone and the bank card was left with only RM3 in the balance.

“My whole body was shaking when I found out the money was gone. Adam admitted that he bought online video games that cost RM3,000 to RM5,000 each.” she said.

Source: Instagram

Zarina said that she had given his son a bank card to make it more convenient for him to purchase Internet data and to order food online. Nonetheless, she never thought that she would spend the money she saved in his personal account to buy video games.

Zarina previously uploaded a video on Instagram to explain the her son admitted his mistakes and he regretted doing so. However, she later took down the video as netizens accused her of humiliating her son.

“I did not upload the video for fun or to humiliate my son. I set an example for other parents out there so that they supervise their children at home, especially in situations like this where anything can happen.”

“I’ve deleted the video and I told Adam that I want him to appreciate what I’ve done for him all this time. As a mother, I am very affected by this but outsiders don’t understand how I feel. They think I uploaded the video to embarrass him.”

Source: Harian Metro

“What is there to be embarrassed about? He didn’t steal or rape someone. All he did was just buying a video game using his own money which is a huge amount. He tainted my trust. What is there to be ashamed of? Those who say that, don’t they think so too?” Zarina said.

She said that she isn’t going to hide her son’s flaws, at the same time, she shared it so that other parents will take the same steps to monitor their children’s actions. She added that this happened to her, hence, she do not want others to go through the same.

In addition, she said that she is very strict with her children and they should admit their mistakes and face the consequences of their mistakes.

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