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Do you know being the Third Wheel is a Crime in Malaysia?

Social NewsDo you know being the Third Wheel is a Crime in Malaysia?

While being a third wheel goes against the moral values of our society, it can be constituted as a crime in Malaysia. The couple can take legal action against the third wheel for causing disturbance to their family too.

According to the Islamic religion, living as a couple is the nature of life and this includes couples who sworn to go through life together through the bond of marriage.

However, there are several circumstances that can cause a divorce too. Among the common reasons are due to career, illness, family issues, including cheating on your spouse.

According to the Act, a cheating case can involve all couples from long married couples to lovers who are not married. Nonetheless, the Act protects the victim and they are able to sue the third wheel for being the cause of the divorce.

Nonetheless, the third wheel can be anyone, from the lover of the spouse to even family members such as parents-in-law or brother or sister in-laws.

In the Shariah laws, there is a provision for ‘third party in marriage’ or ‘third party harassment’ where couples can file a complaint if they had become a victim. The third wheels who disturbed the harmony of another family can be sentenced to jail or a fine by the Shariah Court, according to the Act too.

The offense is stated under Enactment 11 of 2013 – Shariah Criminal Offenses Enactment 2013 (Part V – Miscellaneous Offenses).

In the provision, it is stated:

Any person who disturbs the marriage of another person in any manner and influences him or her to neglect his or her existing marital duties commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding RM3,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both, and the Court may order the man or woman to return to his wife or her husband.

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In fact, many may not even know that this provision exists.

Hence, if you or anybody you know is a victim of a third wheel who harasses their family, you should immediately file a complaint and bring this up to the courts.

Here’s how you can lodge a complaint if you are the victim:

  • Make a complaint at the Enforcement and Prosecution Unit or the nearest state Islamic Religious Department.
  • Explain the form of harassment or the relationship of your partner with the third wheel and its impact on your family.
  • Provide evidence in the form of documents or witnesses about their harassment.
  • Complaints made by the victim will be investigated by the Enforcement Officer and if there is concrete evidence, the case will be prosecuted in the Shariah Court.
  • If convicted, the third wheel will be subject to the punishment prescribed in the relevant Act.

Nonetheless, if you or anybody you know is suffering from depression as a result of this, you are welcome to contact the following helplines:

  • MHPSS: at 03-2935 9935 or  014-322 3392
  • Talian Kasih: 15999 or WhatsApp at 019-261 5999
  • KSK-Care JAKIM in WhatsApp at 0111-959 8214
  • Befrienders Kuala Lumpur at 03-7627 2929

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