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Women on the Internet are supporting this 21 YO Man for his “Good Looks” despite his Crimes

Social NewsWomen on the Internet are supporting this 21 YO Man for his...

Cameron Herrin was found guilty of being involved in a street race along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida where he crashed into a mother and her baby, killing both in the accident.

According to Tampa Bay Times, the 21 year-old man was being sentenced to 24 years in prison after 3 years of court hearing. Surprisingly, his picture took over TikTok’s trending not because of his crimes, but his dazzling looks which left his fans fantasizing things.

Source: YouTube

His fans all commented that he’s far too good looking to go to prison. Meanwhile, they all called him “husband” and added that they are don’t mind his crimes and they are in love with him.

A netizen who found this incident took it to Twitter and condemn them for being disgusting. In his video, he wrote “You all are defending a killer because he is attractive and cute. This is disgusting and pathetic, he deserves jail.”

Check out what Cameron’s fans commented:

Source: Twitter

“I pity my husband. I can’t see him after this.”

“Our husband you mean. HAHHAHAHA”

“Share him with me too.”

Source: Twitter

This is just sickening and how can people overlook his crimes, just for the sake of his dazzling looks.

The netizen who condemn his fans in his Tweet wrote “People who are on TikTok are sick. This guy was found guilty for hitting a mother and her baby while they were crossing the road.”

“Mama, I’m in love with a criminal. Hell, right!” he added.

What do you think about this? Should we forsaken someone of his crimes just because of his looks?

Read the thread here:

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