Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Restaurant in Ipoh apologises publicly for RM1 price hike of its set meal

Social NewsRestaurant in Ipoh apologises publicly for RM1 price hike of its set...

Prices of goods and essentials have been sky rocketing ever since the lockdown was imposed. Nonetheless, this had caused harm to consumers, as well as businesses who had to face the price hike in raw materials.

Last week, a business owner who is facing this unfortunate circumstances had decided to apologise to their patrons and explain that they were forced to increase the price of the items on the menu. They added that they were heartbroken by doing so.

He then made a video of the public apology and took the announcement to social media.

Representing his restaurant, azrilalias wrote “I would like to apologise to our patrons for the change in our menu items.”

“The price hike in raw materials has forced us to reconsider our product pricing. We have tried our absolute best to maintain our prices but we weren’t able sustain it.”

“Please continue to support us.”

According to The Star, the business owner said that he was inspired by a Japanese company who made an public apology in a similar way. He added that they have thought of different ways to convey the message as they are worried that customers will be mad at them as everybody was affected by the current situation.

“So, we came up with the video to let them know that we have tried our best to prevent the price hike but there’s nothing we can do.”

“We understand if our customers are angry, so we did the video as a symbol of apology.” he said.

Despite the price hike, netizens understood their circumstances and they all supported him to do so. Nonetheless, they pledged their support towards his restaurant and blessed that he will be able to make it through the pandemic.

Source: Instagram

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