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Netizen being Mistaken as Seeking for Help after She Hangs Up White Curtains to Dry

Social NewsNetizen being Mistaken as Seeking for Help after She Hangs Up White...

The #BenderaPutih or #WhiteFlag campaign had took over the social media by a storm last week.

The campaign involves those who are in dire need of food and essentials to hang up a white flag or cloth as a signal that they needed aid urgently.

Recently, a netizen, Aishah Sazali took it to TikTok to share that she had been mistaken as asking for help after she put up her white curtain to dry at the window.

She posted the video on Saturday (3 July) and it had went viral with over 1.4 million views and 148,900 likes at the time of writing.

Source: TikTok

In her short video, she explained that she totally forgotten about the #BenderaPutih campaign that went viral on social media. After having the white curtain hung up, the residents’ committee then reached out to her family to check on their current situation and whether they needed help.

Her father’s voice can also be heard in the video saying “That’s my daughter’s curtains!”

“I’ve forgotten about the campaign when I was hanging my curtains to dry.”

“But it’s good that they care. Sorry, I’ll hang it somewhere else later.” Aishah said.

Source: TikTok

In the comment section, some netizens shared their similar experience when they were drying their white bedsheets on the gate when someone suddenly knocked on their doors and ask whether their family needed help.

Nonetheless, this shows that Malaysians actually cared about each other and we all are into making Malaysia a better place, despite the politics.

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Watch the full video here:

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