Sunday, February 5, 2023

KKM Clarifies that the MySejahtera “HelpDesk Hack” to get Vaccination Appointments Faster is Fake News!

Social NewsKKM Clarifies that the MySejahtera "HelpDesk Hack" to get Vaccination Appointments Faster...

Those who have yet to get your vaccination appointment, you may have tried the MySejahtera “HelpDesk Hack” that had been circulating on social media to get your vaccination appointment faster.

However, the Ministry of Health (KKM) had stood up to clarify that the “hack” that went viral is actually fake. They added that when the public start spamming their helpdesk for vaccination appointments, this will flood their system and cause them problems in identifying those who actually needed help.

Source: Facebook

KKM then urge the public to refrain from doing so and asked the public to register through the right channel and wait patiently for their vaccination appointment.

Nonetheless, Special Committee for Ensuring Access to Covid-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) joined KKM into explaining that the “hack” is a fake news. They then reassured the public that appointments will be given on a stage by stage basis automatically and there is no need to use the HelpDesk for this.

Source: Twitter

They added that there is no shortcut to get vaccination appointments.

Disappointed by the authorities’ response, netizen flooded the comment section with anger and requested that they process the vaccination appointment faster. They added that Malaysians are already desperate, however, the authorities had not given them any appropriate response other than asking them to wait patiently.

Meanwhile, according to JKJAV’s statistics, there were 17.2 million who had registered themselves for the vaccine, however, there were only 6.4 million who already been vaccinated.

Source: JKJAV
Source: JKJAV

On average, we do see a high registration rate across the nation but the vaccination rate isn’t so much, with Kuala Lumpur as the state with the most people who have had their first dose. Other than that, Sarawak, Putrajaya and Labuan show a relative high percentage of people who have had their first dose.

According to the numbers, we are still far apart from achieving herd immunisation.

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