Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Religious Teacher asks Aid Recipients to Solat before receiving the Aids

Social NewsReligious Teacher asks Aid Recipients to Solat before receiving the Aids

Providing aid to those in need doesn’t mean that you can exploit the position you are in to request those people to do follow all your instructions.

Recently, a religious teacher was recorded while he request the recipients of his supplies to be grateful to him and should follow strictly to the Islamic teachings and perform the Solat.

In his speech, he said that he is not a politician and he do not intend to be one. However, his only intentions were to ask them to Solat regularly.

Source: Facebook

He then said that the aid is worth around RM50 and there are people in other places who needed the aid more than the recipients in the place. The reason he choose to give them the aid is purely out of ‘kasih sayang’, which is translated to ‘love’.

Soon after convey his speech, he requests the recipient to recite verses from the Quran to check whether are they worth of his aid. He randomly picked 2 men from the scene, which they subsequently failed to recite the verses he questioned. The religious teacher then proceed to humiliate them in front of the rest.

The netizens who took the incident to Facebook said that his actions and behaviour was not acceptable and they condemn him. He even captioned “You’re not preaching compassion, you’re not religious- you’re a jerk!”

In the comment section, the other netizens said that Islam had not teach people to behave in such a way nor to humiliate people. On the other hand, they were curious on whether he is doing this to get cheap publicity.

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