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Netizen developed the #BenderaPutih App to help Malaysians Locate Those In Need

Social NewsNetizen developed the #BenderaPutih App to help Malaysians Locate Those In Need

The #BenderaPutih or #WhiteFlag campaign was born following the disappointment Malaysians have over the support they receive from the authorities after the Phase 1 (previously known as FMCO) was being extended.

The campaign involves those in need to raise a white flag or cloth outside their house as a signal that they are in dire need for food and essentials.

Nonetheless, a group of young Malaysians had took a further step into the campaign by creating an application to make it convenient for those who needed help to be located, as well as those who are capable of providing help to locate them.

Source: Facebook

The application that these young Malaysians created was named “The Bendera Putih App” and all you need to do is visit their website at https://www.benderaputih.app/login and login with your Google account.

The application will allow you to “ask for help”, “report a flag” and show the nearest Food bank in the location. Isn’t this just the perfect tool for Malaysians to help someone in need?

Source: BenderaPutih.app
Source: BenderaPutih.app

Nonetheless, the group did mention that if you are facing a blank screen, please clear the cookies through the lock icon and refresh. They added that the server load is very heavy, so they had to do a few redelpoys.

The application may not be perfect and they will continue to work hard to improve it.

Currently, all they need is your support to fill the application with correct and reliable data!

Good job for the idea and creating such a great application in such a short time! Credits to the team of 4 who created them!

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