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M’sian composes a Romantic Poem for KFC just to get Thigh Pieces for his Order

Social NewsM'sian composes a Romantic Poem for KFC just to get Thigh Pieces...

Did you get ignored when you request for a certain parts when u order KFC? You should try this method if you seriously wanted it!

Recently, a netizen, Darryl Ezreen order the KFC’s three-piece signature combo and he wanted all thigh pieces. After having multiple failures to get the specific parts he wanted, Darryl did something extraordinary for his fried chicken.

In the remark section, he decide to compose a romantic poem for the staff. The poem goes:

Source: Facebook

“If KFC has a million followers, I’m one of them. If KFC has ten fans, I’m one of them. If KFC only has one fan, it’s me. If KFC has no fans, it means I’m no longer in this world. If the world is against KFC, I’m against the world. I would love KFC till my very last breath. Please give me thigh parts.”

Nonetheless, Darryl did actually managed to touch the KFC staff and they gave him 3 tight pieces. Darryl is so delighted with this and he took it to Facebook to showcase his poem, as well as the chicken pieces he got for his order.

Source: Facebook

He took the opportunity to thank the KFC staff for accommodating his request too.

Meanwhile, netizens were amazed that this actually works. They mentioned that they’ve tried various different methods, however, they were all in vain and they did not manage to get the parts they wanted.

Source: Facebook

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