Thursday, February 2, 2023

Our Healthcare is already at its limit! Doctors are performing CPR for patients on the Floor

Social NewsOur Healthcare is already at its limit! Doctors are performing CPR for...

The Covid-19 situation in the Klang Valley had not shown any improvement despite having the Phase 1 (previously known as FMCO) imposed and extended for a couple of times.

Recently, the netizen, who’s name was Farahadibahmj on Twitter and a doctor from the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital had took it to social media to share how the patients were forced to sit in chairs and wheelchairs while waiting for treatment as the shortage of beds are now already at a critical level.

If you think this is already the worst, you may want to reconsider it. The doctor even shared that there is they were forced to perform the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for patients on the floor.

The netizen in his tweet captioned that “Exhausted is really an understatement” while he grieved about what the frontliners had to face, while the people can only see the daily data being published.

Source: Twitter

In a photo he shared in his Tweet, a doctor who’s name was “Hannaburkeish” on Instagram shared that all the wards and bed space were full but number of patients kept increasing.

Not only that they are out of bed space, the doctor also mentioned that they were short of oxygen tanks and the patients were being forced to share them with other patients.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, another doctor who’s name was “Catatannadiyot” on Instagram said that they were out of ventilators and they had to “play God” and choose who gets to use the ventilator first.

Our healthcare system had already been pushed to the limits and these frontliners are pleading to the authorities take serious action to improve the situation. The doctors said if enforcement wasn’t done properly, this is what will happen.

Lastly, the all said “THE WHOLE NATION IS EXHAUSTED!”

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