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NGO launches #BenderaHitam Campaign and state their 3 Demands

Social NewsNGO launches #BenderaHitam Campaign and state their 3 Demands

The #WhiteFlag or #BenderaPutih campaign had been a success as those in dire need of food and essentials were able to make themselves known to the public and hence, receive enough supplies to maintain their life.

On Thursday (1 June), a activist group, Sekretariat Solidariti Rakyat had took it to Twitter to call on Malaysians to hang the Black Flag today (3 June) to convey their grievances to the government.

In addition, they requested those who participate to take pictures of their black flag and upload them on social media at 3 p.m. and use the hashtag #Lawan in their post.

According to the activist group, they had 3 demands from the Government and they are the resignation of the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the reconvening of Parliament, and to end the state of emergency.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile in the statement, they mentioned that the Muhyiddin government had implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) for more than one and a half years now, in addition to spending billions to handle the pandemic.

Nonetheless, the nation had not been steered out of Covid-19. Even so, the Government has yet to implement a practical and thorough response plan to handle the situation. This had led to the continuous rise in suicide cases throughout the year.

“In addition, more than 100,000 people are unemployed, bringing the unemployment rate close to 5%. The recent white flag campaign was launched by Malaysians also reflects the desperate plight of Malaysians for survival.” they added.

Source: Media Rania

They also state that the black flag campaign is targeted directly at the Malaysian Government and to send a clear message that the people are tired of the government’s inability in solving problems.

“When people are desperate and hungry, remember that they are not puppets who will remain silent when oppressed.”

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