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Doctors now are equipped with a Device in their Pocket that can save Lives from Covid-19

NewsDoctors now are equipped with a Device in their Pocket that can...

Prof Datuk Seri Dr Paras Doshi, who was an advanced acute internal medicine consultant from Hospital Tuanku Fauziah (HTF) said that doctors in Malaysian hospitals are now equipped with a pocket-sized ultrasound device that can help detect Covid-19 complications earlier.

According to Bernama, Prof Paras said that the device is compatible with smartphones and tablets. This will give doctors an advantage in freedom of movement while diagnosing the patients.

In addition, the patients would not need to be sent for imaging test of their organs with bulky equipment like a computerised tomography (CT) scanner because the pocket-sized device will do the job.

This gives our healthcare system a great advantage as diagnosis can be done on the spot and hence, to reduce the risk of frontliners and patients from being infected by the virus.

Source: The Sun Daily

Prof Paras also said that the quicker diagnosis can reduce ward admissions as only patients who required treatment, such as Covid-19 patients, will be admitted.

Nonetheless, he said that the HTF is among the pioneers of this technology and they do see a drastic decrease of 62% of ward admissions from the emergency department as compared to the past.

“It hasn’t just reduced overcrowding in the ward, but cost and hospitalisation time too, allowing resources to be used for COVID-19 patients,” he said.

Source: Bernama
Source: Bernama

Meanwhile, he added that the MAAIMUSS has been entrusted with conducting training webinars to show the doctors how to use the device.

He also said that the device will be of great help for hospitals in the outskirts whereby the doctors from remote hospital can make an early diagnosis without the need to transfer the patient to a better equipped hospital.

The results of the examination can then be shared with a specialist doctor to come up with a treatment plan.

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