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TikTok took action against Underage Users and Removed their Accounts

NewsTikTok took action against Underage Users and Removed their Accounts

According to TikTok’s Transparency Report for January to March 2021, it was reported that TikTok have removed over 7.2 million accounts after the users were suspected to be under age 13. Nonetheless, this amount represents less than 1% of all accounts on TikTok.

TikTok said they uses a variety of methods, including a safety moderation team to monitor if the users of the accounts were being dishonest about their age in the first disclosure.

However, as for users in the United States (US), people aged 12 and below are allowed to create their account in “TikTok for Younger Users”, which additional safeguards and privacy protection were in place to protect these audience.

In addition, TikTok also said that a total of 11,149,514 accounts were found to have violated their Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, which led to their accounts being removed too.

“In order to promote a safe and welcoming environment, we work to uphold our Community Guidelines by removing accounts and content that don’t adhere to our policies,”

“We strive to be transparent about how we enforce our policies to continue building trust with our community members. We regularly publish these reports with that aim in mind.” as stated in the report.

TikTok was reported to have introduced the new default privacy setting for teenagers in January 2021 too. The default setting will have the account of users aged between 13 to 15 being set to private, and restricting their videos from being download.

“This is a meaningful step towards driving higher default standards of privacy and safety for minors. And, these updates built upon previous age-restricted TikTok features, including direct messaging, live stream, and virtual gifting, all of which aren’t available to accounts under 16 or 18, respectively,”

“Our goal is to help people make informed choices about what and with whom they choose to share, and by engaging teens early in their privacy journey, we hope to empower them to carefully manage and shape their online presence.” they said.

Nonetheless, TikTok had reported to have removed 62 million videos globally in the first quarter of 2021 for violating the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

Among the reasons for the removal were:

Source: TikTok

TikTok also pledged to make TikTok a wonder platform platform to explore and enjoy entertaining content, and at the same time being able to be comfortable and confident in expressing themselves on TikTok.

To achieve this, TikTok will continue to rely on technology to detect and automatically remove violating content in some markets.

Read the full report from TikTok here.

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