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Kedah MB claims that #WhiteFlag Campaign is a Political Propaganda and he will not Recognise It

NewsKedah MB claims that #WhiteFlag Campaign is a Political Propaganda and he...

Kedah Menteri Besar, Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor had in a press conference yesterday (1 June) announced that the state government will not recognise the #BenderaPutih or #WhiteFlag campaign and claimed that it is political propaganda.

The white flag campaign went viral on social media on Tuesday (29 June) and it was initiated by the Malaysian citizens to encourage those in dire need for food and essentials to hang up the white flag in front of their homes and support will be given to them as soon as possible.

The campaign had received overwhelming response from both Malaysians and businesses, but not so from our political leaders. These leaders even condemn that the raising the white flag is a sign of defeat.

Source: China Press

Nonetheless, Sanusi mentioned that food aid will only be distributed to those who make complaints or reports through their official portals, or though phone calls at the Disaster Operations Control Center (PKOB) in all districts in the state.

“This white flag is a political propaganda. I’ve told this many times that this campaign is to build a perception that the government has failed to contain the pandemic. In reality, the government is successfully battling the pandemic.”

During the press conference, he said that the campaign was from a certain parties who have no work to do and are jealous at the them. He added that the campaign is aimed at tarnishing the good work of the federal government.

Source: The Vibes

“I have seen pictures of opposition MPs helping people put up white flags at their homes. But for what? Better for the MP to bring food baskets to the homes rather than to help them put up white flags,” he said.

“This isn’t an MP’s job, this is the work of a crazy person,”

“Is this not political propaganda? No need for white flags. You can call us or WhatsApp your state assemblyman’s service centre.” he said.

Apart from phone calls, Sanusi reminded the public that they are available on social media and those who are struggling can reach out to them there.

In addition, he also stressed that raising the white flag is a sign of defeat and he urge members of the public to not give up fighting nor show defeat so early.

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Watch the press conference here:


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