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Authorities threaten to remove White Flag with hefty fine of RM50,000

Source: China Press

A household with 13 members under the same roof in Bukit Setongkol, Kuantan had raise the white flag in front of the home but were being instructed by the authorities to take it down immediately.

According to China Press, the members of the household were forced to close their business, or had lost their jobs during this prolonged Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0. Without an income, the members were left in financial distress without any assistance from anybody.

Following the #BenderaPutih or #WhiteFlag campaign, one resident of the household, who only wanted to be known as Ana, said that they hung up their white flag in front of their home on Tuesday (29 June) and they indeed got the attention of the public. They received food and supplies from these kind-hearted people too.

Source: China Press

However, a village chief approached them and told them that raising the white flag is an offence and they can be fined for up to RM50,000 for doing so. At the same time, Ana claim that the village chief was accompanied by 3 police officers and they also warn the residents to not let the incident spread on social media.

“At that time, I was talking on the phone with a social worker of a non-governmental organization (NGO), and the police officers warned me to stop talking and not to use mobile phones. Otherwise, I would be fined for obstructing the officers from performing their duty.” Ana said.

Source: China Press

The incident reached Teruntum State Assemblym (ADUN), Sim Chong Siang yesterday (1 July) and he said that the order to remove the white flag should not have occurred.

“If indeed this is disallowed by the police, it should be explained as such as there have been no problems elsewhere.”

“The objective of this campaign is to make it easier for aid and supplies to be channelled to those who need it the most and are desperate,” he said.

Sim added the local leader should have realised the meaning of this movement and find out and provide assistance, instead of reprimanding them.

During his visit, he provided the families with food and supplies too.

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