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Steven Sim helps Hawker in Penang who gives up after Repeated MCOs push him to his limits

Source: Facebook

With the extension of the Phase 1 (previously known as the FMCO), Malaysians who are unable to support themselves and are in dire need of food and essentials had hung up the white flags to indicate to the public that this household needs food urgently.

Nonetheless, this hawker had given up struggling and had hung the white flag outside his house.

So happen that the Bukit Mertajam Member of Parliament (MP), Steven Sim found this poor man had managed to convince him to keep fighting for his life and business.

Steven share the incident on his Facebook to share the unfortunate story of this hawker who had to sell off everything he had just to pay for rent and his bills.

Source: Facebook

In the Facebook post, he wrote “Ah Soon is a hawker. The repeated MCOs has not only caused him to lose out on his business but he is also forced to bear debts – stall rental, motorcycle expenses, house rental, electricity and water bills have not been paid for four to five months. He’s even sold his washing machine and fans from his house for the sake of some rice.”

The prolonged MCO had push this man to the limits and he was left with nothing much to sell in exchange for cash to put food on the table. Ah Soon then resorted to place a white flag outside of his house following the #WhiteFlag campaign.

“He has given up. He told his neighbour that if he dies, they can have his motorcycle.” Steven said.

Source: Facebook

During his visit, he reach out to Ah Soon and had borrow him his ears. He mention that it’s not that Ah Soon did not tried. He tried multiple times and got back up from where he failed, but the repeated MCOs leave him nothing but failure. At the end, all his efforts were fruitless and he is tired already.

“I told him, don’t give up. Life has its ups and downs, but hope remains. At the very least, someone saw his white flag and here I am. I asked Ah Soon, what does he need? He responded, ‘I just want to survive. I can work, but how can I work in this situation?’,” Sim explained.

Ah Soon mention that there was a new and improved hawker lot near his house but he no longer had the passion and resources to open his stall there.

Source: Facebook

To reduce Ah Soon’s burden and get him back up on his feet, Steven decided to pay off his debts, which include the rent, water, electricity and his motorcycle. In addition, he rented the spot at the new hawker lot so that he can start his business again. Steven also borne the cost of the stall rental until the end of the year, as long as Ah Soon promise to start a new life and keep trying.

“When I asked Ah Soon what he would sell in this new stall premises, I noticed that he had got his excitement back. He truly wants to work for himself.” he said.

They discussed about his menu and they immediately went shopping for the ingredients for his new stall.

“Ah Soon couldn’t believe it. He repeatedly said thank you. I told him to promise me three things: the first is to never think of giving up, the second is to help others where he can afford to and the third is that, for dinner tonight, he must cook for me as I’d like to try his menu at his new stall.”

Source: Facebook

“The #KempenBenderaPutih is no joke. The people are struggling. Use whatever means necessary to contact me, I will come immediately. In just a few hours, Ah Soon came back, and he has removed his white flag from his house,” Steven added.

Steven, at the end of this story, urge the people to not give up in any whatever situation they are in. He added that if you require help during this difficult time, you can contact Steven at his WhatsApp at +6012-5907 507.

Do you find this story inspiring? Don’t give up and seek for help!

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