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Married Woman files a report after being harassed by PDRM officer who sent her Private Messages

Social NewsMarried Woman files a report after being harassed by PDRM officer who...

A netizen recently lodged a police report after she claimed that a police officer obtained her contact without her knowledge and started texting her on WhatsApp.

On Wednesday, the netizen uploaded a screenshot to Twitter of her WhatsApp conversation between her and the police officer that initiated the conversation. She also captioned “How are people supposed to trust the police? I went to the station to ask for permission to go to the hospital, then he took my number and messaged me with unnecessary stuff. Motive?”

The tweet went viral and has garnered over 11,100 retweets and 14,100 likes at the time of writing.

Source: Twitter

In the conversation, the police officer started the conversation by asking the netizen’s occupation. He then introduce that he was from the police station she was at earlier.

The netizen the replied “Why? Is there an issue with my travel permit?”

The officer then said, “No, I’m just asking for no reason.”

He then proceeded to ask another personal question, “Are you from Johor?”

Source: Twitter

The conversation ended there, however, this does raises questions on why was she being contacted in this manner. The netizen then posted a follow-up tweet, saying that she clearly stated that she was married and will be going to the hospital with her husband.

“To say I’m pretty, I didn’t even take off my mask just now. And I was dealing with a woman officer, he just sat at the side,” she added.

Nonetheless, she had filed a report on the harassment she faced. According to Harian Metro, Wangsa Maju district police chief, Supt Ashari Abu Samah confirmed the report and said that the netizen’s statement will be recorded by an investigation officer soon.

“At the same time, we have managed to identify the officer who allegedly contacted the woman,”

“The police will not protect any officers who carry out any misconduct and will not hesitate to take stern action on those found guilty.” he added.

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