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Malaysia Animal Association Launch Red Flag Movement To Help Pet Owners

For those Malaysian pet owners struggling to buy food for their pets should reach out to their neighbours by raising a red flag outside their homes.

In lieu of this, the Malaysia Animal Association has launched Kempen Kibar Bendera Merah (Wave Red Flag Campaign) to help pet owners struggling to provide for their pets during the lockdown. President of Animal Association Mr Arie mentioned that since the beginning of the MCO last year, there has been an unfortunate increase in pet dumpings.

This is due to the owners not being able to continue caring for their cats and dogs due to economic factors. As a result, many cats and dogs had to be thrown out into the streets. Thus, the association urge any pet owners who are struggling to raise a red flag to signal that they need help to feed their pets.

Arie reminded Malaysians to ask their surrounding neighbours if they have enough supplies for their pets. This can not only overcome the rampant pet dumping problem but also curb the problem of animal cruelty caused by the owner’s emotional stress. 

The colour red was chosen as it was a friendly colour and a common colour used for pet collars.

The post has gone viral garnering almost 1,500 shares with Malaysians expressing their support for the campaign and sharing their struggles to feed the pets during the lockdown period. Arie added that the organisation is looking forward to hearing more responses from Malaysians helping each other.


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