Wednesday, February 1, 2023

PAS MP: “We should not hang the White Flag when facing Trials, we should Raise our Hands and Pray to God”

Social NewsPAS MP: "We should not hang the White Flag when facing Trials,...

The #WhiteFlag campaign was the public’s effort to provide assistance to those who are in dire need of food and essentials without the need to beg for it.

Responding to this matter, Bachok Member of Parliament (MP), Nik Mohamad Abduh, also a member of PAS had took it to his Facebook page to share the public should not raise their hands but instead pray to God when they are facing these trials.

In the Facebook post, he wrote “Raise your hands and pray for him. That is the flag of strength and optimism in the trials. Don’t give up the test by teaching the people to raise the white flag.”

The #WhiteFlag campaign had receive tremendous support and had went viral in the community. It is believed that the indefinite “total lockdown” had caused Malaysian citizens to face financial distress, which then led to mental health issues and even suicide cases.

On the other hand, another PAS member, Rosli Abdul Jabar commented that it is inappropriate to raise the white flag as it may cause others to scheme on those already poor. He added that the practice also exposes the family’s shame.

He believes that people should maintain their dignity as they can seek assistance in various ways. He also mention that only those who were defeated on the battlefield would raise the white flag, and the PAS did not approve of this way of asking for help.

Source: Berita Harian

“Don’t raise the white flag. This approach is like a war loser. In fact, we still have the power to raise the Islamic flag and declare that Islam is a religion that helps each other!”

Meanwhile, he also gave suggestions on how the different parties can offer their assistance to those in need.

He said that mosques and prayer rooms must also play the role of providing assistance to the people, by getting assistance from the government, religious committees, zaka centers, and public donations. This applies the same for non-Muslims where community centers such as temples and churches can organise these events.

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