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Netizen finishes her Cooking, but found another Crab hiding far away in the Living Room

Social NewsNetizen finishes her Cooking, but found another Crab hiding far away in...

Ever since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented, cooking had become one of the most popular hobby that Malaysians citizens had adopted.

Malaysians even recorded their cooking and recipe, and shared them with the fellow Malaysians who are interested. There were those who become famous during this period for their cooking skills and their delicious recipes too.

Recently, a netizen, Fatin who was recording her cooking as usual to be share on social media, found that her ‘ingredient’ for the dish went missing and it hid itself in the living room.

Watch the video here:


In the video, she said “What are you doing here? The others were already cooked!”

She took her story to the “Masak Apa Hari Ni” Facebook group and netizens found it hilarious. According to the Fatin, she noticed the crab only when she was walking out of home to throw the rubbish.

Nonetheless, she notice something was moving behind the dumbbell in the living room. Upon approaching it, she notice that it was the crab that was supposed to be today’s dinner. She added that she had done cooking the rest of the crabs too.

Netizens commented “Mr. Crab is good at hiding!”

At the time of writing, the video had garnered over 1,700 likes, 350 comments and 120 shares. Netizens were amused to see the video and some even share their similar experiences.

Find the comments from netizens here:

Source: Facebook

Later on, Fatin in the comment section said that the crab that escaped had been made into dinner too.

Source: Facebook

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