Friday, September 30, 2022
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Neelofa Give Help To Those In Need During The Pandemic

At this point, what we are all hoping for is for this Covid-19 pandemic to end quickly so that we can resume normal life as before.

Currently, many Malaysians are facing difficulties in life that make many suffer from emotional stress and make decisions unconsciously.

Due to that, the celebrity whose name was often mentioned by many, namely Noor Neelofa, came forward to help anyone in need.

Through a post uploaded by her on her Instagram page, Neelofa hopes that Allah S.W.T will restore the situation that is happening now.

At the same time, he also called on any party who needs help to contact Kasih Neelofa, an organization developed by him to help the indigent.

All assistance will be given by them to those in need and all you have to do is contact them on the Instagram account.

Hopefully, Neelofa’s good efforts can ease the burden of those who lost their jobs and food resources in the increasingly alarming pandemic situation.


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