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M’sian activist Broke Down after having to choose which Family to Feed

Social NewsM'sian activist Broke Down after having to choose which Family to Feed

Malaysians had been crying out loud for help as the Phase 1 (previously known as MCO) was extended indefinitely. The average Malaysians had been slowly losing their jobs and were unable to put food on the table for their family.

Yesterday (29 June), a Facebook activist, Heidy Quah took it to Facebook to share about the overwhelming request they receive for help and the numbers are increasing rapidly.

The first sentence she said was “Broke down for the first time today in a long time.”

Source: Christianity Malaysia

She explained that their organisation, Refuge for Refugees (RFTR) had been receiving pleas for help from over 1,500 families. Despite trying hard to gather funds and supplies, they only manage to provide groceries pack to slightly more than 400 families.

However, the calls kept coming in and on average, they are receiving 1 in every 10 minutes. In addition, they are receiving over 100 new messages on a daily basis. The voice notes from these messages were absolutely heartbreaking too.

Apart from the messages, they also receive pictures of empty milk tins, empty rice buckets, as well as small children where these people need to feed.

Source: The Edge Markets

As Heidy look through the list of 1,500 families and are still growing rapidly, she broke down as she was forced to choose only 450 to 500 families that they could help this week.

“How do you decide who gets to eat for the week? I don’t know how.” she pleaded for help.

If you are in a position to provide assistance, you can consider donating to their organisation, Refuge for Refugees (RFTR). May it be RM10, it’s still your effort to help those in need to put food on the table.

The details to their account are as follows:
Name of Bank: CIMB
Account Number: 8000499285
Please make a note “FOODAID” as the reference too.

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