Thursday, February 2, 2023

Malaysians are raising White Flags to signal Distress

Social NewsMalaysians are raising White Flags to signal Distress

Malaysians have started a movement called the #BenderaPutih or the #WhiteFlag on social media for those who are in dire need of food and essentials to indicate that this household needs help without begging for it.

The movement requires those household to raise a white flag or cloth outside their homes as a signal for those who are able to help to know which household is facing extreme difficulties.

The initiative was started as there were increasingly reported cases of mental health issues, including attempt suicides cases. Malaysians were being pushed past their breaking point by the indefinite timeline of Phase 1.

A Facebook page, Malaysia Food Truck Shop, shared the initiative and captioned “To those who are struggling and have no food, raise a White Flag at your residence, your car or your bike. In case you have no house, no car or bike, carry along a white flag with you. Let the people around you help you as little as they can.”

Source: Facebook

In a different version of the picture that went viral on social media, they captioned “Any house that has run out of food and supplies, please raise a white flag in front of your house. Let your neighbours see this and help lessen your burden.”

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, the initiative caught the attention of the Minister of Housing and Local Government, Zuraida Kamaruddin where she tweeted her support for the campaign and urge those who are suffering to not make and rash decisions and seek help from their neighbours.

However, netizens had criticised her for taking credit for the people’s initiative.

Lastly, if you are facing tough situation and is struggling, be reminded that you are not alone and and it is not wrong to seek for help. We all know that the pandemic had been tough on everybody.

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