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4 Frontliners carry Casket through 1km Uphill walk for Orang Asli’s burial

News4 Frontliners carry Casket through 1km Uphill walk for Orang Asli's burial

Recently, 4 Seremban medical workers were being recorded while they carry the casket of a Covid-19 victim when they arrange the burial for the Orang Asli in Orang Asli Jeram Kedah Village, Lenggeng.

In the video, they can be seen to be in full personal protective equipment (PPE) and it was reported in Bernama that they had to walk 1 kilometer uphill before they reach their destination.

According to Mohd Adree, a 37 year-old frontliner said it was his first time that he and his colleagues experience something like this after having handling the burials of those who died from Covid-19.

Source: Facebook

“Walking dressed in PPE with hilly paths made our journey difficult. In the hot weather we also had to control our breathing, to avoid the body being too tired when carrying the coffin and the corpse.”

“So we have to stop to rest for a while, before continuing our journey to the burial place,” he said.

He added mention that the standard operating procedure (SOP) for handling the burial must comply with the instruction set by the Ministry of Health (MOH) so as to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

He also said that he and his colleagues had never consider this job as a burden but a responsibility being entrusted to them. In addition, they are required to be ready at all times when called to manage the remains of a Covid-19 victim.

Hence, they are required to be physically and mentally flexible and prepared as they cannot anticipate how the situation will be when managing their remains during the burial.

These selfless heroes had been working hard ever since the pandemic started. It’s best for us to comply with the SOP and stay safe to curb the spread of Covid-19.

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Watch the video here:

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