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M’sian Man applied to Interstate Travel just to Catch His Wife Cheating

Social NewsM'sian Man applied to Interstate Travel just to Catch His Wife Cheating

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) previously restricted interstate travel and it was allowed for a few very specific reasons.

Recently, a man applied for the travel permit and the reason he gave was to “Catch his wife cheating”. Nobody would have thought that the PDRM will approved it, but they actually did!

A netizen, who goes by the name Aiman took it to his Twitter to share the story. The incident, however, happened on his friend and he got his permission to share the story to the public too.

Source: Twitter

From the letter, we can see that the details such as the date, time, and location all pointed towards an apartment where his friend wanted to visit. Nonetheless, his friend was expecting to leave his home at about 9.20 p.m. on 24 June to catch the cheating wife, and expects to arrive home at 6 a.m. next morning.

Aiman even emphasize that the travel permit was real and not something they made to gain the public’s attention. It was his friend who went to the police station to apply for the interstate and later forwarded the letter to him.

Netizens were felt sorry for his friend and at the same time reminded him to call the police before he catch the cheating couple at the scene.

Responding to the matter, Aiman said his friend had made a police report and they are currently waiting for the trial date. He also added that the problem between his friend and his wife has been existing for nearly a year.

“After solving this matter, my friend looked calmer.” he said.

He did not mention which police station approved the interstate letter too.

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