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Ex-Covid Patient reveal that her Lungs were Permanently Damaged by the Virus

LifestyleEx-Covid Patient reveal that her Lungs were Permanently Damaged by the Virus

If you are still flaunting the SOPs and think that the Covid-19 is nothing but a flu, here’s something that may change your opinion towards it.

The story was brought to you by a former Covid-19 stage 5 patient, who had fought for her life for 33 days since she was first confirmed positive on 7 January. She was at a point being admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 9 consecutive days and gone through induced coma too.

“My lungs were severely affected and are now functioning at about 48% capacity. According to doctors, my lungs will not be able to perform normally and I will no longer be able to be as active as before.” she told Bernama.

“This long COVID syndrome is affecting my daily routine, talking makes me tired and I get easily exhausted when doing simple tasks like hanging out clothes to dry,” she added.

Amira said that she had never suffered from any serious illness and she did not expect Covid-19 to have such an impact on patients like her too. Due to the seriousness of her case, she now has to travel regularly to the hospital for respiratory physiotherapy treatment.

“I can still remember the unbearable pain I had to endure when a health worker had to move me to another bed while the tube was inserted through the esophagus into the lungs,”

“Recalling the time before she was put into induced coma, Amira, the second of three siblings said, she was given the opportunity to talk to her mother via video call.”

“The doctor told me, if anything happens to me, this is my final conversation with my mother. When I asked my mother for her forgiveness, she kept wailing and sobbing pleading me to remain strong and that she will be outside there waiting for me.” she said.

Source: HypeFM

According to the press, her blood oxygen level had at a moment dropped to a critical level of 60% and the doctor immediately gave her family a call to inform about the situation, as well as to request them to pray for a miracle.

Thankfully, their prayers were answered and Amira gets a second chance to live, but suffer severe post-Covid health conditions.

Taking her incident as an example, Amira advice the public to not take the virus lightly and to always comply with the SOP to prevent the virus from spreading. She added that she used to be an active girl and was able to move about and lift heavy loads. However, her movements were limited now and she gets tired quickly and still suffers pain in her chest.

“COVID-19 is real and from what I see, its effects on each individual varies and you just won’t know what is going to happen,” she said while urging everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible to enable the country to be free from the pandemic.

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