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Another Baby Swap incident, discovered only after 19 years later

NewsAnother Baby Swap incident, discovered only after 19 years later

The story involves 3 babies, including a pair of twins being swapped since birth at the hospital they were born.

The incident is believed to be due to the negligence of the staff at a hospital in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Nonetheless, the hospital was not named. The 3 babies were born on 19 August 2001 at 1.14 a.m., 1.27 a.m., and 1.34 a.m. respectively.

According to Bernama, Adryani Iwani and Adryana Iwani had grew up not realising that they are actually not biological twins as Adryani’s identical twin, Noratirah had been swapped since birth and raised by another family in Kampung Pulau Kundur, Kelantan.

Source: Bernama

The incident started when Adryani have thoughts that her non-identical ‘twin’ might not be related to her as she share similar appearance with another girl she found in a motivational camp she attended when she was in Form Four.

“At the camp, I met students from another school who said that I looked like their friend, Noratirah. I then asked them for a picture of Noratirah and they shared Noratirah’s Instagram account.”

“I told my twin sister about it and she agreed that Noratirah and I looked the same, but when I told my mama about it, she dismissed it. So, I let it go and regarded our look-alike as simply two peas in a pod.” she said.

However, the fate of these 3 sisters were set as they met face to face for the first time at the ‘Jom Masuk U’ education fair held at a supermarket in Kota Bharu in March 2019.

They were all stunned about the similarities they share in the faces and bodies. However, they did not communicate with each other as they were lost for words and only stared at each other.

They did not met each other until last year August, where Adryani uploaded photos of her birthday celebration on Instagram and both Adryani and Noratirah learn that they share the same birthday, which is 19 August.

“This led Noratirah to contact me through Instagram and since then, we discussed a lot of things and discovered that there are too many similarities between us to be regarded as a coincidence,”

“After discussing, both families agreed to do a DNA test at Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital (HUSM) in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan to identify whether they were biologically related,” Adryani said.

The DNA test was done using blood samples taken from her, her mother Siti Aminah Ismail, Adryana, Noratirah, and Noratirah’s ‘father’ Husin Omar.

Nonetheless, the results of the DNA test shows that Adryani and Noratirah were 99.99% twin sisters. The results were shocking to all of them, especially to Adryani’s mother and she broke down in tears.

In addition, the results also show that Adryana’s actual biological fatuerh is Noratirah’s ‘parents’ Husin Omar and Rahmah Isa (passed away in 2018).

Meanwhile, the Adryani’s elder sister, Ayu Haryani said that the family was not informed by the hospital whether the twins she gave birth to were identical or not.

“Because the tags on their legs bore our mama’s name, so our family never thought about it and assumed they (Adryani and Adryana) were not identical twins,” she added.

It was reported that Adryani’s mother initially was reluctant to accept the DNA results as she feared that it might cause a psychological impact on Adryana. Hence, she did not reveal this to anyone for a while.

Meanwhile, the family continue to regard Adryana as part of their family.

However, Adryana’s biological father passed away about 2 months after they got the DNA results. With both her biological parents dead, Adryana now continues to live with Adryani’s family.

Source: NST

According to the press, the family have appointed a lawyer and they are in the process of taking legal action against the party concerned.

Noratirah had in this January moved in to live with her biological family in Kampung Langgar too. As for Adryana, both her parents had passed away and she continued to stay with the family under the same roof.

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