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23 YO M’sian caught practicing Black Magic in his condominium

News23 YO M'sian caught practicing Black Magic in his condominium

Recently, a man in Gelugor, Penang was caught practicing black magic in his condominium at level 31.

It is believed that the neighbors of the opposite block of his condominium found that the 23 year-old man’s house was always on fire every night. As a result, his neighbors called the police and firefighters to confirm the incident for the safety of the residents in the block.

However, the truth was revealed when the police and firefighters entered his house. It is believed the man had been performing black magic rituals every night at his house. What’s more surprising is that the black magic is being sent to the victims using the Poslaju service.

In his house, the authorities found pictures of couples and the tools that he used for the ceremony. The scene was appeared to be covered in blood too.

Nonetheless, the authorities said the case is currently under investigation.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, netizens were curious whether a punishment can be imposed for practicing witchcraft or black magic in Malaysia.

Responding to the question, a Syariah lawyer explained that the criminal act or enactment of witchcraft does not yet exist in Malaysia. This is because there is no authority that can confirm that the black magic actually happened other than the Muslim Bomohs.

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