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#TutupKilang had been the latest trend as Malaysians fed up about the Flip-Flopping and double standard SOPs

Social News#TutupKilang had been the latest trend as Malaysians fed up about the...

The Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) had been implemented in Malaysia for almost a month now. However, the daily Covid-19 situation does not seem to be improving significantly, while the impact on the economy had been devastating.

Disappointed with the Malaysian Government’s inability to implement effective plans to steer the nation out of Covid-19, the netizens had took their frustrations out on both the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) and Health Director-General, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham bin Abdullah’s Facebook page by flooding the comments with #TutupKilang, which meant “Close the factories”.

Source: Facebook

Netizens are desperately urging the authorities to take even more drastic action to shut the factories nationwide and implement a tighter MCO to once and for all eradicate the virus from our community.

It is understood that this is because factories are regarded as areas where the spread of COVID-19 is high. On Friday (25 June) alone, there were about 8 clusters involving factories and construction sites. Fearing that a 5th wave will arrive, netizens started the trend “TutupKilang” to create an awareness.

Source: Facebook

In addition, netizens had been citing #KerajaanGagal, which can be interpret as the Government’s failure to handle the situation, as the citizens are already forced to stay at home and unable to go to work, while the Covid-19 situation has yet to improve.

As the situation is being out of control, the MOH had proceed to limit the comment section in the Facebook page to only selected few users.

Netizens are now sending a strong message to urge the authorities to take action before it is too late. Nonetheless, they hope that someone would ever hear their plead.

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