Wednesday, February 1, 2023

PM Muhyiddin says FMCO will be extended until further notice

NewsPM Muhyiddin says FMCO will be extended until further notice

Given that the deadline to the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) lies on 28 June, Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had in a press conference today (27 June) said that it will be further extended until further notice.

Nonetheless, he mention that we should not call it MCO now, but rather the particular phases under the National Recovery Plan (NRP) outlined previously. As we did not achieve the criteria stated in the plan for having 7 consecutive days with 4,000 daily cases and below, we will not be moving forward to Phase 2.

PSource: TheStar

According to Bernama, Muhyiddin said this will continue until the threshold is met, as well as the intensive care unit have dropped from the critical level and vaccinations have increased.

He added that Phase 1 was to test the country’s resilience so that it could go through all the NRP phases smoothly.

He mention that the Malaysian government is paying special attention to Selangor as the daily cases from the state was above 2,000.

“Why so? Because there are many cases in Selangor whether at work, in residential areas or communities. If you want to reduce the rate, attention should be paid to these areas (under EMCO).”

“Maybe we will take another follow-up step so that overall case numbers across the country continue to go down, but what is important is the cooperation of all. The public needs to adhere to standard operating procedures.” he said.

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