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“Did you go to university?” Fresh Grad demands boss to answer his Question before he decides to Apply for the Position

Social News"Did you go to university?" Fresh Grad demands boss to answer his...

Recruiting the right person to fit into the role you are offering is a rough patch, where you would meet candidates from several backgrounds and of different character. Nonetheless, there are moments that you will feel that it’s finding diamond in the rough.

Recently, a netizen, Hara Lee took it to her Facebook to share a story of a fresh graduate applying for a position in her brother’s company which she find hilarious. She wrote in her caption “This is too epic not to share.”

The jaw-dropping chat shared was as such:

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

In the conversation, her brother, who was the co found of the business had received a message from a candidate who expresses interest for the Senior Content Creator position in his company.

The candidate do state his terms clear when he started the conversation, where he wanted to know how much is the salary and whether flexible hours are available.

However, the candidate soon got triggered when the business owner asked him what does “FYP” stands for, which led to his question “Did you go to university?”

As the business owner tried to dig more into the candidate, he insisted that he reply his question before they proceed, and he said “Can answer my friend question please, I want to see if this job meet my expectation or not.”

Nonetheless, the business owner find his character unacceptable and suggested that the candidate to “go through intensive character development” before he continue his journey in looking for a job.

The post went viral on Facebook and most netizens find it a common problem the face these days. Nonetheless, netizens commented these graduates need to correct their attitude and they lack communication skills, which is an essential skill required for work.

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