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3 Cops in Kedah allegedly robbed a Courier Company of RM400,000

News3 Cops in Kedah allegedly robbed a Courier Company of RM400,000

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) is the the law enforcer and the public do look up to them for being just and fair in upholding the law. Nonetheless, there are some working in the PDRM are of different view.

Yesterday (26 June), it was reported by TV3 that 3 cops have allegedly involved in a burglary of a courier company in Alor Setar, Kedah. The 3 suspects were caught carrying a safe containing RM400,000 with their vehicle, a white Perodua Axia.

According to the press, the initial investigation found that the robbery occurred at the office of Ninja Van Alor Setar at about 2 a.m. this Wednesday (23 June). The suspects nabbed were of Sergeant and Corporal ranks and aged between 35 to 55 year-old.

Source: Youtube

According to Sin Chew, the suspects were arrested only 2 days later on Friday (25 June). At the same time, 3 witnesses were being called up to assist in the investigation too.

The witnesses, employees of the courier company, mention that they received information about the burglary and immediately rushed to the office to check it out. However, it was too late to stop them when they arrive at the scene. They added that they saw 3 men escaped the scene with a huge bag in their white Perodua Axia.

They immediately rush into the office to check their losses and this is when they realise that a safe containing RM400,000 was missing. They then lodged a police report regarding the incident.

According to their sources, the officers of the crime investigation team arrested the 3 police officers who are believed to be involved in the case at about 1 a.m. yesterday morning (26 June).

They managed to recover RM230,000 from them and the remaining remained missing. Meanwhile, the case is still under investigation and the PDRM is unsure of whether are there any other accomplices.

What the bulletin here starting at 9:28 minutes:

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