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Lawyer shares a real Father-Daughter incest case that happened in Malaysia

Social NewsLawyer shares a real Father-Daughter incest case that happened in Malaysia

Recently, a lawyer had took it to Facebook to share a case which she find frightening and morally wrong, and her intentions were to educate the public to not made the same mistakes as per what happened to this unfortunate family.

In the Facebook post, she revealed a case she was handling and it involves father-daughter incest, which resulted the daughter to be pregnant. What’s more saddening is that when the mother found out that both of them were in love, she had no choice but to divorce her husband and let them proceed with the legal documentation for the upcoming child.

She mention that the mother didn’t mind divorcing him and wanted her daughter to be legally married with her father so as to give the child a legitimate status in Malaysia.

The couple involved were in their 40s and the daughter was in her 20s.

The Sharia lawyer, Nur Fatihah Azzahra said that the case happened during the Movement Control Order (MCO) 1.0, where the father and daughter had proceed with their marriage locally through an illegal marriage service.

After the child was being born, the family was surprised why the newborn still cannot be registered at the National Registration Department (JPN), given that the father and daughter had already register their marriage.

Nonetheless, they were being referred to the Shariah courts to sort this matter out and to clarify the identity of the biological father.

Nur Fatihah added that this is worrying as she is of the opinion that we should all protect our own child, and not to view them as anything more than that.

“Who can we blame? Blame the biological father for not guiding the family well, and blame the biological mother for not educating the children well? Isn’t this marriage a shared responsibility?” she added.

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