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Khairy accuses the EU for hoarding Covid-19 vaccines and EU failed to answer his allegations

NewsKhairy accuses the EU for hoarding Covid-19 vaccines and EU failed to...

Minister of Science and Technology, Khairy Jamaluddin had in a press conference today (26 June) said that the developed countries and the European Union (EU) had been monopolising the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, causing the Malaysia to suffer a low Covid-19 vaccination rate.

He also reveal that these countries had bought vaccines way more than what their population needed.

According to Malay Mail, Michalis Rokas EU ambassador to Malaysia had on Wednesday (23 June) denied Khairy’s allegations and he said that the EU Secretariat has approved all vaccine purchases from the Malaysian Government so far.

Nonetheless, Khairy replied that the current problem is not about Malaysia’s procurement or import, but rather on vaccine doses being boarded by the EU and other developed nations.

Hence, Khairy said that the ambassador had failed to reply his allegations and he merely gave a standard answer for Malaysia’s procurement of the vaccine.

“I don’t think he understood what I said, yes we bought from Belgium, more than 4 million doses.”

“I mentioned about the purchase of EU vaccines, they bought more than their population over hundreds of millions of doses.”

“Thank you for not blocking the vaccine import in Malaysia.”

“I talked about durian, he talked about rambutan,” he said in a press conference attended by Malay Mail.

Source: Mint

Earlier on, Rokas said that the EU has arrange for shipping of 4.087 million Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine doses to Malaysia. In addition, the EU has approved export of another 5 million doses for the nation.

He said that both the 4.087 million and 5 million doses of vaccine should be already on its way to Malaysia by 15 June.

Meanwhile, Khairy also mention that the EU had been negotiating with the vaccine manufacturers as a bloc with its purchasing power and they have been hoarding the vaccines since the start.

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