Friday, December 2, 2022

Household in Ampang had their TNB bill surged to over RM3,000 after changing to Smart Meter

Social NewsHousehold in Ampang had their TNB bill surged to over RM3,000 after...

The TNB Smart Meter was TNB’s initiative to allow households to better manage their electricity usage and bills through the real-time information it provides. In addition, the Smart Meter do not require manual reading by TNB personnel every month and it’s align with their plans to digitalise their process.

Following the trend, a household in Ampang had upgraded their electric meter to the TNB Smart Meter last month, and everything seems fine until they receive their electricity bill.

When they receive their electricity bill for June, their eyes popped out as the bill had shown a whooping 1450% increase from the usual bill of RM200 to RM3,100. They immediately notice that it was probably the Smart Meter that had gone wrong when producing the reading.

Source: Facebook

The netizen then took it to the Ampang Facebook Group to share the incident and she asked if anybody had the same experience as hers.

In the bill she shared, we can clearly see that the previous outstanding amount was RM203.35 and the current fee is RM3,122.28. Meanwhile, to showed that her electricity bill was constantly at around RM200, she shared a screenshot of her TNB app summary.

The summary showed that the bill only surged to RM3,000 in the current month, which likes it unbelievable that her household could have spent that much electricity during the month.

Source: Facebook

The Facebook post had since then went viral as many netizens shared that they’ve encountered the same, and they advise the netizen to file a complaint to TNB. Nonetheless, netizens shared that their bill had unexpectedly increased after the Smart Meter was installed and they aren’t even sure whether it was accurate in the first place.

As for those who encounter such problems, you can file a complain or inquire on TNB’s official website here or at their mobile application.

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