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Contract Doctors are on Strike and said that it was #ModernSlavery

NewsContract Doctors are on Strike and said that it was #ModernSlavery

A group of young doctors had planned a strike to protest against their current contract system, which they claimed it to be bias and a failure as it gives them uncertainty in their employment in the government service.

The group had called for a townhall, inviting all junior doctors to voice up their complaints and thoughts to the authorities and the public.

According to The Star, the Malaysian Medical Association Section Concerning House Officers, Medical Officers and Specialists (MMA SCHOMOS) said they do not condone a work strike during the pandemic, however, the townhall is their only option for their voices to be heard, while showing solidarity for junior doctors.

Source: Twitter

In the statement, they said “The government must realise that the failure of the contract system has led to these drastic actions by contract officers.”

“There are no clear transparent criteria nor proper evaluation for selection to permanent posts and no postgraduate pathways for contract doctors.” they added.

They also pointed out the 3 areas which require the Ministry of Health’s immediate attention and they are the lack of human resources and avenues for professional development, acknowledging the critical nature of the healthcare sector and the need for a comprehensive science-based approach for the National Recovery Plan.

Meanwhile, the lack of human resources in the healthcare sector isn’t something as simple as hiring more doctors, but rather the matter exist in the lack of job security and opportunities for career progression for junior contract doctors which caused them to be unable to retain these healthcare professionals.

Source: Twitter

They also describe the current contract system as “messy, biased and a failure” as it failed to give junior doctors certainty over their employment in the government service and future as healthcare professionals.

Nonetheless, MMA claimed that this problem had caused many junior doctors to leave the profession and move forward in life.

MMA added they have discussed several issues faced by the house officers, medical officers and specialists during their meeting with Finance Minister, Tengku Zafrul and he had agreed to look into the current working papers and expedite the matter.

At the same time, MMA said it will continue working with the authorities to have their issues resolved.

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Read the statement from MMA here:


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