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Netizens unexpectedly found Facebook Groups that promotes Married Couple to Exchange Spouses

Social NewsNetizens unexpectedly found Facebook Groups that promotes Married Couple to Exchange Spouses

Recently, a netizen, named Haqim on Twitter had unexpectedly uncovered 2 Malaysian Facebook groups that promotes wife or husband swapping for various reasons. His intentions were to search for “tukar nama”, which meant “changing name” and he ended up on these 2 groups.

Both the groups were given the name “Tukar Pasangan Suami Isteri (suka sama suka), which meant translates to “Exchanging spouses provided they both like each other”.

Curious of what’s actually happening in the group, Haqim joined the group and eventually found that the group features Malaysians who were requesting for spouse exchange, and it includes husbands offering their wives, or wives offering themselves.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Nonetheless, he mention that he was shock and is unable to believe that such a thing in Malaysia.

He even commented that in some cases, not only the husband was in the group, but some wives were inside too. Things went wild when he found comments from couples who were open for anybody who is willing to join them during sexual activities too.

He added that those people inside the groups were treating partners as if they were things and can be shared and delivered to people who stay near them.

Source: Twitter

Lastly, he condemn those who actively participate in these activities and he said “You are married and already have a partner. Why would you find someone else when you are horny?”

As a reminder, practicing an open relationship brings you risk of being infected sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and it goes against the teachings of all religions too. At the same, it corrodes our morality as a society and it could possibly lead to more social issues.

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