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Microsoft is updating to Windows 11 and it will be Free for All

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft have finally confirmed that the Windows 11 will be available for all Windows users in a virtual conference held yesterday (24 June).

The Microsoft Event stream was hosted by Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, where he introduces us to the long-awaited Windows 11. He said that the Windows 11 is designed to make multitasking easier for its users.

One of the most noticeable changes were the Start Menu, which will be moved towards the centre of the screen, and Microsoft had removed the Windows 8 and Windows 10 Start Menu Live Tiles, giving it a simplified and sleek menu. This reminds us of a custom Android launcher too.

Meanwhile, the Start Menu gives you easy access to your OneDrive and other important ‘cloud-powered’ storages. Another big visual improvement is that Windows 11 have more translucent layers and rounded corners for your windows, and overall a more Mac-like look.

In addition, Android apps will be integrated into Windows and it will be installable from the Microsoft Store too, supported by the Intel Bridge technology. Nonetheless, widgets such as the weather, stocks, news are all customizable at your fingertips too, and that Windows 11 has better touch support for them.

The update marks the first major change to Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 10 launched back in 2015. There had been rumours about a major Windows redesign when the CEO Satya Nadella said Microsoft is planning for one of the most significant updates of the Windows of the past decade.

Reaching mid-June, Microsoft had quietly announced that they will end their support for Windows 10 in 2025, following the leaked images of Windows 11.

The update will be available for all Windows 10 users as long as your PC meets the minimum requirements. According to Cnet, Windows 11 will be rolled out during the 2021 holiday season and into 2022.

If you have yet to update to Windows 10, here’s a trick for downloading Windows 10 free that still works. Prepare yourself for the upgrade and enjoy the perks of the new operating system!

Read the entire update notes at Microsoft’s official website here.

Watch the teaser here:

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