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Heroic Puppy saves family of five from Massive Fire

NewsHeroic Puppy saves family of five from Massive Fire

This brave puppy had become the hero of the day after it saved a family of five from the menacing blaze.

According to Bernama, one of the victim of the fire, 53 year-old Vimala said that her 8 month-old puppy, “Anandaveli” had bit her ears and cheeks, and tugging at her hair and clothes to wake her up. To her surprise, she found a fire started in the middle of her house, which was their family prayer room too.

“At first, I was only semi-conscious, I thought Anandaveli’s actions was because she was thirsty so I told her to go to the kitchen. However, she was persistent and when she pulled my leg, I went out and was shocked to find a fire brewing inside my own house,” Vimala said.

Source: Malay Mail

Shock at what she found, she immediately shouted at her 3 children to save themselves and leave the house. As soon as they went out, she realised that her husband who was partially paralysed was still in the back room of the house when the fire was raging.

“I told my youngest son Vimalan to save his father. Vimalan courageously risked his life by fighting the fire and carried his father out of the house,” she said.

Meanwhile, the family was placed at her mother’s in Jalan Laksamana.

Source: Malay Mail

Pasir Bedamar State Assemblyman (ADUN) Terence Naidu said the fire was extinguished by 12 members with two machines from the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (JBPM) Teluk Intan at about 6.30 a.m. and the total loss was estimated at RM50,000.

“We will provide assistance to Vimala and her family in the form of emergency money, food and get relief money from the disaster fund from the district office. We will also try to help to get a People’s Housing Project (PPR) house in the near future,” he added.

Way to go, doggo!

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