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Hawker in Kajang allegedly Threw Food sold by her Competitor to the Ground

NewsHawker in Kajang allegedly Threw Food sold by her Competitor to the...

The stiff competition between hawkers had led to this unfortunate incident where a hawker in Kajang to spill her neighbouring stall’s food to the ground. The incident was recorded by the victim and the shared on TikTok on Tuesday (22 June).

The 1-minute long video that went viral on social media is believed to be happened at Taman Koperasi LLN, Kajang.

According to Sinar Harian, the 2 hawkers were selling different products and they are laksa and the famous Malaysian snack called ‘Keropok Lekor”.

In her TikTok video, she wrote “Kak, what did I do wrong? I am only doing business next to your stall.” and it can be seen that the woman is walking away angrily back to her keropok stall.

Meanwhile, the victim was left with her ingredients on the floor and she helplessly pick up the toppled food. The ingredients she prepared were limes and boiled eggs.

“I am also doing business like kak to make a living, but why did you topple my ingredients? We are sell different items, right?” she said.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Facing the unjust, the laksa vendor had lodged a police report regarding the incident, urging the police to start an investigation. The laksa vendor had yet to share any updates from the report apart from sharing the police report she made.

Netizens too were curious about what caused such an outburst, and some of them said that the keropok vendor sells watermelon juice and they happen to find out that the laksa vendor had launching their new watermelon juice too, where the keropok vendor acted furiously to monopolize the sale of watermelon juice at the area.

Nonetheless, most netizens urge others to listen to both sides of the story before commenting or criticizing either the keropok vendor or the laksa vendor.

Yesterday, it is believed that the keropok vendor had apologize to them over a WhatsApp message and they requested the laksa vendor to not make an uproar regarding the incident.

In addition, the victim had stood up to urge netizens to stop attacking her for the mistake she made and she hope both of their business would flourish too!

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