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Hardware Store Owner almost fell for a TnG eWallet scam and could incur losses of RM395

Source: Facebook

While eWallet payment is gradually becoming the trend, there are some new risks that arise from them too.

Last Wednesday (23 June), a hardware store owner at Bandar Laguna Merbok, Kedah took it to Facebook, sharing their experience of almost being scammed of RM395 by a customer who visited their shop.

In the Facebook post, the netizen, Xiao Yen said the customer entered their shop on that evening to look for a few electrical appliances and in the end, he took a driller along with several other items worth up to RM395.

Source: Facebook

At the counter, she find it odd that the customer did not ask to inspect the items to see whether they are in working condition. He then offer to settle the bill with TnG eWallet and he showed his phone as evidence of the payment.

Xiao Yen said her husband normally checks for the evidence of payment before allowing customers to leave the premise with the goods. However, when he checked his phone this time, the transaction wasn’t clear and he did not receive the payment.

The customer then insisted that he had made the transaction and it was as shown on his screen. At the end, her husband inform the customer that he would give TnG a call to find out about the transaction. At the moment, the man started to look uneasy and he say he would buy it again another time.

Source: Facebook

Upon clarifying with TnG, they found out that they only received RM0.01 as shown in the transaction history.

Xiao Yen then warned all business to take extra precautions when dealing with eWallet payments and hope that businesses will not fall for the same trick again. She said a double check for your part of the payment will prevent these unfortunate events.

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