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Teacher in Sarawak turned Mosaic Tiled Floor into Whiteboard to demonstrate equation solving

Social NewsTeacher in Sarawak turned Mosaic Tiled Floor into Whiteboard to demonstrate equation...

Due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), teachers and students were forced to undergo another round of Teaching and Learning at Home (PdPR). In many cases, this method showed that it has many perks and disadvantages at the same time.

Naturally, as this method was newly introduced, during this transition period, teachers who were not so well verse in technology struggle to learn the new methods and applications for them to teach effectively.

Nevertheless, these dedicated teachers will go through anything to just get their students learn the knowledge they need.

Recently, a netizen took it to TikTok sharing his father, who was a teacher in Sarawak, writing math equations on the mosaic tiled floor while referring to his phone and a book place beside him.

Source: TikTok

The TikTok video posted on last Thursday (17 June) had went viral and had garnered over a million views and 168,000 likes at the time of writing.

In the comments, she mention that her father did not want to use a whiteboard as he prefers to write on the floor.

“He still wanted to write on the mosaic tiles even though the I suggested and offered him the whiteboard,” she said.

Source: TikTok

She said that it was probably due to the larger space that he wan use it more flexibly and easier for students to see too.

“It could be the calculations were long, so he wants to make it easy for the student to see the calculations clearly including all the curves,” she added.

Nonetheless, netizens praised the dedicated educator for his noble action and they were impressed with his efforts.

Source: TikTok

Watch the TikTok video here:


struggle untuk student supaya lebih memahami. goodluck all students. #xybca #fyp

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