Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Netizen bought spare parts online, but was shocked to receive a Coconut instead

Social NewsNetizen bought spare parts online, but was shocked to receive a Coconut...

Being a fan of online shopping, do you get the adrenaline rush when you press on the ‘Buy Now’ button and waiting anxiously for your package to arrive at your doorstep?

Recently, a netizen who bought spare parts from Shopee was shocked to receive a coconut as his package, when he expected his items to be packed nicely in large boxes and wrapped carefully in bubble wraps.

To his surprise, his spare parts were actually wrapped in the coconut and he was not scammed by the seller.

Nonetheless, he took it to Facebook to share his extraordinary experience.

Source: Facebook

In the photo he shared, cracks can be seen on the coconut and it was wrapped with tapes to maintain it’s shape. It appears that the netizen had bought spare parts for his motorcycle and to ensure that the product reaches safely to the buyer, the seller had improvised this “hard-shell packaging”.

Source: Facebook

He even brought his curiosity to the seller and they replied that the coconut shell is strong enough to ensure that the goods were not being damaged during transit and it can even prevent the parts from being stolen by the courier!

As a reminder to all, he advise netizens to not throw the coconut away in the event they received one, the seller may be implementing this method of packaging too!

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