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Durian Runtuh! Lorry overturns and scatters 1,000kg of Durian on Highway

Social NewsDurian Runtuh! Lorry overturns and scatters 1,000kg of Durian on Highway

This is literarily “Durian runtuh” for Malaysians!

A lorry loaded with 1,000kg of durian overturned in an accident had left the durians scattered on the highway in Nilai yesterday (23 June).

According to Bernama, the incident is reported to happen at Kilometer (Km) 279.9 of the North-South Highway (Northbound) at around 1.55 p.m.

Nilai District Police Chief, Supt Mohd Fazley Ab Rahman said the incident happened about 7km from the Seremban rest area (RnR) and it is believed that the driver lose control of the vehicle after the rear tire on the left side of the lorry exploded.

As a result, the lorry skidded and overturned in the left lane of the highway.

Fazley also mentioned that the 25 year-old lorry driver and his 52 year-old assistant had sustained minor injuries from the accident, however, the 1,000 kg of durians were left scattered on the highway.

He added that further investigations were still ongoing and the case is being investigated under Rule 10 LN 166/59 by the Bukit Aman Highway Investigation Unit.

Source: Twitter

On the other hand, netizens find this incident hilarious and refer it as the actual “Durian runtuh”, where the proverb meant a windfall from an unexpected stroke of luck. Nonetheless, netizens still find it saddening that the durians were wasted.

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