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8 year-old M’sian Girl teaches us that Racism is not Human Nature

Social News8 year-old M'sian Girl teaches us that Racism is not Human Nature

This 8 year-old Malaysian girl puts us, adults all to shame as her small kind gesture had shown us that racism is something that was being taught as we grow up.

Recently, Bukit Mertajam MP, Steven Sim took it to Facebook, sharing that a standard 2 student, Ashley had came to him to seek for assistance when she found that her classmate didn’t have the necessary electronics to attend online classes.

Ashley mentioned that her classmate, Nur had been absent from online classes and this saddens her.

Steven in his Facebook post wrote “Ashley and Nur are classmates. Both of them were standard two students at a Chinese vernacular school in Bukit Mertajam. It’s been quite some time since Ashley noticed that Nur was not attending their online classes. Recently, she reached out to her mother to ask Nur’s mother why.”

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, Ashley found out that Nur and her family could not afford for the devices to attend online classes and she sympathizes her classmate. At the moment, she remembered that her mother had told her stories of an ‘uncle’ who always give out complimentary devices to students and she asked her mother to get help from this ‘uncle’.

Steven added that Ashley came to his office to explain Nur’s situation and asked him for help.

Steven revealed that Nur’s father works as a security guard and is earning only RM1,200 a month. In addition, he had 2 other children and another child is on the way. Nur’s parents were upset that Nur could not attend online classes, however, due to limited resources, they felt helpless. In addition, the Asal Cek Mau Pi Sekolah programme does not include students below standard four.

“How can I reject the request of an 8-year-old who wants to help her friend? I was touched to see how Ashley cared for Nur. I was not willing to reject Ashley’s request,” he added.

Source: Facebook

He said he decide to fork out the money from his personal funds and will sponsor Nur a tablet.

“Today, Ashley brought me to Nur’s house. The two classmates finally met each other again after being apart for such a long time,”

“Be blessed, children. You have made us realise that hatred for other skin colours is not human nature. Today, compassion wins.”

Ashley had set a good example for us, adults to follow. Start showing concern for our fellow Malaysians, regardless of what race they are from. Meanwhile, this proves that racism does not exist between children and they are taught and spread by those who intend to harm our society.

Hence, we should educate our children and set them on the right path, for a better Malaysia!

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